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Always Online

Proxcraft tries to keep your Minecraft Server online with the greatest care. We guarantee an uptime of 99%.

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Secure Infrastructure

At Proxcraft we only use software and hardware from recognized brands such as AMD and Pterodactyl. In this way we ensure that the infrastructure is as safe as possible.

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Super Fast Network

Our European data centers are connected to the largest internet nodes. The AMS-IX, DE-CIX, NL-IX, among others, are equipped with connections to our data centers.

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Green Power

European data centers from Proxcraft are 100% climate neutral, the servers run on wind or solar energy and are therefore ready for the future.

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Excellent Customer Service

Proxcraft attaches great importance to customer service. We offer you tailor-made solutions and non-binding advice. Almost always response within two hours.

Think outside the box

Different Approach

We at Proxcraft personally guide every customer. You can always count on us and build on us.

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